Notice of Privacy

Corporación La Mesa Rosa SA de CV.

This document describes how we collect and use the personal data that you provide to us. It also describes what type of data it is and what options you have to limit the use of such data, as well as the procedure to exercise your ARCO rights.

1) Responsible for the protection of your personal data

Corporación La Mesa Rosa SA de CV, located at Ave. Vasconcelos 150, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León 66250, México, is responsible for the processing (use) of your personal data.

2) Our Data Protection Department

  • Head of Department: Corporación La Mesa Rosa SA de CV.
  • Address: Ave. Vasconcelos 150, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León 66250
  • Email:
  • Phone: (81) 82 62 81 06

3) For what purposes do we collect and use your personal data?

Your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

  • Providing the requested professional advice and consultancy services.
  • Responding to your requests for information, attention, and service.
  • Creating, studying, analyzing, updating, and preserving the service file.
  • Archiving records and files for future service follow-up.
  • Financial management, invoicing, and billing.
  • Fulfilling the obligations and commitments we have made to you.

Additionally, your personal data may be used for:

  • Promotion and marketing of products and services.
  • Offering new products and services tailored to your interests and needs.
  • Notifying you about new services or products related to those already contracted or acquired.
  • Bulletins and communications about our organization.

4) What personal data do we obtain and from where?

For the purposes mentioned above, we may collect your personal data in different ways:

  • When you visit our website or use our online services.
  • By phone or fax.
  • When you provide them to us personally.
  • When we obtain information from other publicly accessible sources permitted by law (telephone or work directories, websites, etc).

Personal data we collect:

  • Contact information (Name, Email, Address, Phone, Cell Phone, Fax)
  • Identity documentation (Voter ID, Passport, Driver’s License, Professional ID)
  • Financial information and payment methods (Credit card, debit card, checks)
  • Tax information (RFC, Billing Address)
  • Credentials for accessing online services (Username and password)
  • Social media identification (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Socioeconomic data (Age, Gender, Income Level, Education)
  • Patrimonial situation (Income, Real estate, investments, or other bank accounts)
  • Social Security Number (NSS) and/or CURP
  • Academic history (school certificates, records, studies completed)
  • Beneficiaries and economic dependents
  • Family information (Spouse, children, grandchildren)
  • Personal references (Information of non-family members)
  • Employment information (Company, Position, activity performed, CV)
  • Habits, sports, hobbies, and interests

We inform you that to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy notice, the following sensitive personal data will be collected and processed:

  • Medical and/or psychological history (Health status, ailments, and/or medical history)
  • Sexual preference
  • Criminal history
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Political affiliation
  • Religious beliefs

We require your express consent for the processing of your sensitive personal data, and we commit to treating them under the strictest security measures to ensure confidentiality.

I consent and agree that my sensitive personal data be processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy notice.

Name and signature of the owner

5) How to Access, Rectify, Cancel, Oppose the use and treatment of your personal data (ARCO Rights) or revoke your consent for the treatment of your data?

You have the constitutional right to Access and know the personal data we have and the details of their treatment and use, as well as to Rectify and correct them if they are inaccurate or incomplete; Cancel and delete them when you consider that they are not required for any of the purposes stated in this privacy notice, or that they are being used for purposes not authorized by you, or when the contractual or service relationship has ended, or Oppose the treatment of them for specific purposes.

The mechanisms implemented for the exercise of your ARCO Rights, as well as the deadlines, information, and documentation that your request must contain, should be requested at the email:

How can you limit the use and disclosure of your personal data?

If you wish to stop receiving messages from us that are not essential to provide the services indicated, send your request to our Data Protection Department where we will inform you of the mechanisms implemented for this purpose.

How to revoke consent for the processing of your personal data?

If you wish to revoke the consent you granted us for the use of your personal data, send your request to our Data Protection Department where we will inform you of the mechanisms implemented for this purpose.

6) Transfer of personal data

Your personal data will not be Transferred to third parties or companies. To fulfill the purposes established in this Privacy Notice, they may only be Transferred to individuals or companies acting as Data Processors.

7) Modifications to the privacy notice

We reserve the right to make modifications or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time, to address legislative changes, internal policies, or new requirements for the provision or offering of our services or products. These modifications will be informed to you through the same channels used to collect your personal data.

Use of cookies, web beacons, and JavaScript

Cookies are a small piece of information automatically sent by our website, which are stored in your browser. This allows the website to consult that information to know the user’s previous activity and expedite some procedures such as maintaining the session or identifying which sections of the site have already been visited.

Web beacons together with JavaScripts for web metrics allow storing information about the usage patterns of our website. We inform you that we use these tools to obtain statistical information such as the following:

  • Browser type and operating system, internet pages consulted, visit origin, access IP address, time spent on our site, among other statistical data.

Cookies, JavaScript, and other tracking and tracing technologies can be disabled; however, disabling them may cause the website or some of its functionalities not to perform properly.

8) Where can you file complaints and reports for the improper treatment of your personal data?

If after exercising your ARCO Rights with Corporación La Mesa Rosa SA de CV through the mechanisms established in this Privacy Notice, you consider that the response has been unsatisfactory or incomplete; or you suspect that your right to personal data protection has been violated by any conduct or action on our part; or you have evidence that there is a violation of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, you may file the corresponding complaint or report with the IFAI. For more information, visit: