A comprehensive banquet and catering service that exceeds your expectations. We propose and design the event together with you.

Exquisite food and beverage service add a special sensation and flavor to your commemorative occasion.

Our food inspires and delights your guests, creating memories for a lifetime and delivering the perfect culinary experience for your corporate event.

We offer a variety of catering options as well as creative interactive food stations to choose from. We provide top-notch bar service, friendly waitstaff, and experienced event captains.

From start to finish, our catering ensures that you have everything you need in food and beverages – including branding. Not only do we set up our kitchen for your event, but we also take care of all food safety concerns.

Let us transform your event into something spectacular and unforgettable.

Catering Corporativo

Corporate Catering

When conducting board meetings, advisory board meetings, management lunches, training sessions, or meetings with clients or suppliers in your offices or in meeting rooms, one of the fundamental elements is that the group uses their time efficiently.

Our full-service catering provides you with everything you need to take the catering to your offices, factories, or meeting rooms, whether it’s snack service, buffet, 2- and 3-course meals, box lunches, or coffee breaks.

We design the menu together, so you can continue the meeting, making the most of your guests’ availability. When you need to focus on your work, we take care of delivering high-quality, flavorful food to your company quickly.

If you’re planning your next holiday party, our experienced team of meeting planners will support you with innovative and creative ideas for your extraordinary celebration: from proposing and negotiating the event venue to entertainment and overall event production.

Contact us to offer our service according to your needs.

  • Breakfasts / Brunch
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Snacks and Canapés
  • International Menus
  • Mexican Haute Cuisine
  • Regional Food
  • Haute Pastry and Bakery.
  • Holiday Parties
Box Lunch y Coffee Break

Box Lunch and Coffee Break

Gourmet foods prepared and packaged in a practical and elegant box with a wide variety of options for your coffee break to receive or accompany your guests at all your meetings, training sessions, or events.

When you need to focus on your work, we take care of delivering high-quality, flavorful food to the location of your event quickly.

Mesarosa offers a wide variety of menus and the possibility to customize the packaging of your company’s box lunch.

Contact us to offer our box lunch and coffee break service according to your needs and pamper your guests with this experience.

  • Successful meetings with the best coffee break
  • Carefully selected ingredients
  • Careful and timely presentation.
  • Highly trained staff.
  • Food safety.


Whether you have a small or large event and the need to create an experience in which your teams interact, have fun, cooperate and improve what was previously unthinkable. We design experiences together with you and ensure an extraordinary result.

  • Chef Experiences.
    • Teams work on a menu guided by experienced chefs and then taste it, ending with a recognition for the best team.
  • Beer, Wine, Mezcal, and Tequila Tastings with Pairings.
    • Taste with the guidance of experts and accompanied by pairings designed for the occasion.
  • Mixology
    • Form teams and prepare your own cocktails and enjoy together, all guided by mixology experts.
  • Grill Experiences.
    • Work with grillmasters on a menu guided by certified PIT Master chefs and enjoy extraordinary and unique places.
  • Mexican Northeastern Experiences
    • Menu designed to represent Mexican northeastern cuisine and developed by renowned chefs in the northeast. A unique and exciting regional experience.