jorge slight


  • CCM (Certified in Congress Management)
  • CMS (Certified Meetings Specialist)
  • Distintivo H
  • Diplomatic Protocol

Jorge Slight has been certified as a CMS (Certified Meetings Specialist), a certification that trains professionals in congresses, conventions, and incentive travel, as well as marketing and commercialization of products related to the segment. This program is generated and taught by the Convenciones magazine and is officially recognized by the Ibero-American University and the Intercontinental University.

The “H” Distinction is a recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to fixed food and beverage establishments (restaurants, cafeterias, diners, etc.) for complying with the hygiene standards set by the Mexican Standard NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004.

The “H” program is 100% PREVENTIVE. This program includes training for operational staff at middle and senior management levels, which is conducted by a consultant registered with expertise in the chemical-medical-biological area. The knowledge imparted is structured according to guidelines set by a group of experts in the field.

Mesarosa is certified by the American School Foundation of Monterrey with 100% compliance in the “H” Distinction.

Mesarosa supports and advises its clients to navigate social and business gatherings and event organization according to service standards, ceremonial practices, protocol, and etiquette, thus setting trends in excellence.

The use of ceremonial practices, order of precedence, correspondence, good manners, courtesy, room setup, and reception are essential for achieving an excellent event.

Mesarosa is certified in protocol, etiquette, and service.